Tuesday, April 28, 2009

creativity defined

I came across this article this morning and found it very interesting, very challenging yet still very encouraging.

Nathanael Wolfe describes Creativity this way:

“Taking what you uniquely possess and doing something unanticipated, unexpected and extraordinary with it.” Even though there are millions of artists, musicians and designers in our world, there are only a few in your immediate circle. Your ability to draw, paint, design and create music or drama is your God-given unique ability. Not everyone can do what you have been enabled to do.

Nothing like pressure. I have found working with artists over the years that there is nothing worse, or less productive than putting an artist under pressure. Kind of like hitting an "off" button. So I continue on that percharious journey of trying to balance accomplishing things and encouraging "no pressure" creativity. Time is the great limiter as it is in my own life.

I have been looking carefully at my life, do I truly
not have enough time in my days, or is it poor planning? What is it that never lets me get to the creative relaxed period of my day? As the above excerpt says, God has enabled us to do things that are our unique ability - artist or not.

I find myself still caught in the frenzy of the now, today, never moving into what I refer to as "there is always tomorrow", there is no such place I guess. I have been called to identify and nurture ability in others and I LOVE doing that, but, how do I get to my creative place, or is it only in others I create best? It takes a disciplined life to live fully so I once again begin today trying to dedicate this precious "once in a lifetime" day to Christ and allow it to become what He has intended it to be. Live today purposefully, thoughtfully and mindful of Him!

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