Saturday, April 11, 2009

10 years ago

It was ten years ago this weekend that we did our first Easter Concert - The Life of Christ Through Music. We have tried many things, kept what works, gotten rid of what didn't. What we discovered along the way was - people come to church on Easter. It just takes a live invite - most people will attend on Easter. Our people invited and they came!

Logic would say it takes something extraordinary to get people to come, but, we have done both regular services and concerts and everything in between, and the attendance is identical.

We had two packed services tonight, God moved through our midst pulling people to himself. We had over 25 people stop to pick up new believer packets declaring their decision to follow Christ. Each of our volunteers gets to share in the reward of their work being instrumental in winning souls for eternity! How amazing is our God! I am sad that we only have two more services tomorrow...wish it could last longer!

10 years have gone by quickly...what will God chose to do in the next 10?

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