Sunday, April 19, 2009

weekend report

We had fun today! Services can be simple, fun and life changing without compromising excellence! That was our weekend!

Our Setlist:
Opening Instrumental: Smooth
Announcements: full of dumb jokes - including the competition for an ESV Study Bible for the 800th person to sign up for our new data base. Deering said it would make a great Bible to thump someone over the head with, which of course drew boos from our crowd.

Praise: Glorified New Life worship
Praise: Love The Lord
worship: At The Cross
Praise: Our God Saves
Message: Luke 10: 25 - 29 Title: Be Sure

Pastor Tim's message also contained what every message should contain, a clip of Steve Martin's "King Tut"'s a long story...

This video is our Worship Leader Dan Fleming. The band and vocalists played a joke on Dan at the end of the se
rvice unknown to the audience. They decided to switch the final exit song and tell everyone but him...enjoy his frustration...we did!To see what other ministries included in their services this weekend, visit Fred McKinnon's site - click here!

Watch our entire service by visiting us at Crossroadswired, click here!


Me... said...

haha that's too funny! His face was priceless.

jendakerr said...

I actually like dumb jokes in the announcements... at least it prevents the blank stare during long boring announcements!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the video that was to funny.

Really liked your idea of the study bible giveaway for the 800th person who signs up. It can be really hard to get people to do this type of thing. I'm sure the giveaway helped.