Tuesday, March 31, 2009

my day off

If any of you live in an area like Ohio, then you too have an appreciation for the signs of spring.

Last night was horrible with a nasty mixture of rain and snow blowing sideways! Today, sunshine. So with this inspiration I moved my closet around - burying turtlenecks deep into the recesses of my closet and moving summer shirts forward. I pulled out sandals and packed away boots. Perhaps premature, but there is always hope right?

God gives me a personal gift when I get to enjoy beautiful weather, you've heard me talk before about how much I love to be outdoors. The newness of spring is so exciting to me!

Somehow today my sister and I began talking about forgiveness. Forgiveness if it's genuine can definitely be a new beginning, much like spring.

To remain in a state of bitterness and not to forgive hurts and scars deeply. The thing we were discussing is 'who does it hurt more?' Toss up. To be denied forgiveness is brutal, to not offer forgiveness is cruel. What right do we have to withhold either when we have been forgiven so much by our Father? How we must hurt Him. I thanked Him today for second chances and forgiveness.

God used a beautiful Spring day off to remind me again how many new beginnings He has given me, and how grateful I am!

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