Saturday, April 4, 2009

the Gregs

There are some created to be in front and others who enjoy being behind. I love working behind the scenes and often find myself in the company of the Gregs!

We have two Gregs on our staff! How lucky can we get?

These guys are a faithful, hardworking, talented staff duo that we couldn't do without! They are also both on our Elder Board.

Greg #1 helped me hang the Artist's Cross Display this morning and to prepare the canvases for our artists to paint on stage as well as touch up painting to name just a couple jobs on his day off.

Greg #2 helped park cars, clean the building after tonight's services as well as get extra chairs ready in case we need additional seating. This is only a short list of what both of them do for our ministry on any given day.

Between the two of them, they keep us up and running and we would not want to be without them! I consider them both close friends and love being on staff with them as well! Let's hear it for the Gregs!


Anonymous said...

Gotta love "em both!!!!
What a team!! Always good for a laugh too!

chihuahua said...

Don't know about the long haired Greg in the red shirt...Is he a throwback from the 70's?

Lori Biddle said...

You both know you think they are hotties!!