Tuesday, April 14, 2009

what I learned today

What you leave out, can be more important than what you put in!

The immediate example that comes to mind when I think about this is in a recipe. Obviously if you leave even one ingredient out, it isn't going to turn out exactly right. But this can also be applied to many other aspects of our lives, the most important being our spiritual walk and what we believe.

I have experienced a couple of times writing something I was particularly fond of, only to be questioned about something I left out. Too much left to the imagination. Too much room left for interpretation. This also relates to our lives.

Does your life leave too much to the imagination? How easy does your life make it for those you come in contact with to know your are a child of God? Do they see a difference in you from what you once were, or from those around you who don't know the Lord? Today I was reminded that I need to continue to learn 'how to be set apart' in my everyday walk, I need to live as if I am not scared by failing economies or earthly trouble - think what an opportunity we have as Christ followers around everyone who is scared right now! We are simply passing through, this is not our home...

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