Sunday, April 12, 2009

weekend report

We had an amazing weekend! What a blessing to celebrate the Lord's resurrection together!! Our people invited their friends and we had an amazing turnout, it was so much fun!

Here is our setlist!
He Is Risen - we purchased a video from Worship House Media that we used in our services and performed the song they used under the video live.

The Resurrection - we performed this Amena Brown monologue live - you can purchase it at

Jesus Paid It All - with video from Passion

Let God Arise

My Savior Lives -
New Life Worship

Mighty To Save - Story

Message: 3 Days Later

Everything - Drama and song live (many versions of this drama exist on line, but, many people thought ours was one of the best! Very cool!)

New Creation - Fellowship Church - original CD (we used artists to paint the singer as he sang demonstrating how God makes us a new creation! We put lights inside barrels and used drummers in the audience and on stage)

I cannot believe the number of volunteers it took to pull this service off. Thanks to everyone with a vision to reach the lost! We gave out 77 New Believer Packets to people who gave their lives to the Lord! What could be more worthwhile to give your life to?

To see what other ministries did in their Easter services, click here - Fred McKinnon.

To watch our service on line, click here tomorrow,,
just run your mouse over Services and then over Weekend.

God is so good!


Michael, Trisha, Grace, and Anna said...

Sounds like you had an awesome Service! Great set list!

Anonymous said...

How cool that you took the New Creation video elements and incorporated them into the ultimate celebration of New Creation!!

Love the pics of your day (as usual), and the rest of the day sounds great too, Lori

Me... said...

How awesome is that 77!?!?!?!?! wow. Yay God.

Awesome service. I love the New Creation song/drama that Fellowship Church did- i bet ya'll's was amazing as well.

Love all the dramas and music!

Anonymous said...

New Creation! That song has been on constant repeat on my iPod this week. I can't get it out of my head/heart. Love that you painted the singer :)

HL McConnell said...

Wow, that's awesome! Man I love your service! Love that people came to christ! Awesome!

Mike Thompson said...


Yes it was an amazing service! I was especially touched by the the drama during "everything". It was amazing!

You're the best!

-- Mike

Kendall Massey said...

God be praised. Looks like He showed up all over the country this Easter! I am praying for the 77 right now... may their walk increase in quantity and in quality.

Anonymous said...

77! That is awesome! Sounds like a wonderful service packed full of creativity! Thanks for sharing.