Friday, April 24, 2009

Go Cavs!

I love sports, I'm very competitive! As I settle in for the evening with computer on lap and Cavs on t.v. I take a deep breath and try to release the tensions of the week. Never enough time..never. So for a few minutes I choose to forget responsibilities and get lost in other people working hard (if you could see my surroundings you would wonder why I'm not cleaning!)

What is it about sports that make people through the generations so nuts! Who is the best??! When you think about it much of what we do is spent trying to determine who is the best. At work, at school, musically, financially, the most attractive, the tallest, the shortest, the fastest, the strongest...on and on it goes.

So for tonight I know who is the best already, at least as far as basketball goes...Go Cleveland Cavilers! I'll try not to scream too loudly as my team wins tonight. (Hopefully pride cometh before a fall doesn't apply to my overly confident assumption of victory!)

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