Tuesday, October 21, 2008

what I learned today

One of my best friends came to me at church this weekend and as we were talking she said, "now don't take this the wrong way but...(always a moment of panic when a conversation begins this way), I can tell without even knowing, that your kids are home from college this weekend. You just seem pulled in two directions." Man, mind reader!

This got me to thinking about focus. How do you totally block out personal things when you are in the midst of your professional responsibilities? Is it possible? Is it something we should even strive for? After all, our personal lives are what make us what we really are, right? In my case my kids being home from college was nothing but positive, well except for a little lost sleep.

In my profession, I am paid to be both creative and administrative. I call it being hired to provide "Artistic Clarity", oxymoron? Not really.

Even in God's most creative moments He is orderly, very purposeful. Nothing random about His work. So why do we have such focus problems? My head is always full of multiple things at once. They other night I was driving home without music or anything on in the car. My head swam with creative ideas for services, articles as well as jobs at home to squeeze in. This is my state of mind most of the day, so to pick and choose which to finish first is no easy task. Not an excuse for lack of accomplishment. Even the most creative among us should live with purpose, thus the success of the "purpose driven" teachings and books by Saddleback's Rick Warren. People need to understand their unique purpose in life. This need is built into each of us, artistic or not.

Even in our most creative endeavors order is required. Required to finish a project, a writing, a poem or conversation. I learned today I must be both focused and creative. God made that possible within me. And He gave me perceptive friends - they know me well and encourage me constantly!

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