Sunday, October 19, 2008

weekend report

AMAZING!! All went well this weekend, attendance was up, very few mistakes and great responses to the challenge of the teaching! God is good!!

Our set list for the weekend consisted of the following:
All About Your Glory - Tommy Walker
Make It Matter (special thematic music)
-message on regrets-
-willowcreek drama "second chances" (click on drama video below)
Heal The Wound (special thematic music)
-message conclusion
All For Love - congregation really responded singing this song at end
we played them out by repeating Make It Matter
fred mckinnon (go to this site to see what other ministries did this weekend)

Our weekend -

Great Worship
Excellent Drama
Thematic Specials
Challenging Message
Fabulous Fellowship

Our drama team is expanding and did a great job this weekend! Please take the time to enjoy the Drama "Second Chances". We purchased the script for our drama from Willowcreek. Steve Browning, our Media Coordinator, shot the video intro! Sweet!

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