Monday, October 20, 2008

my day off

We started our day by stopping by church to drop off our computers to be updated. Monday is every one's day off except Jonathan Pierce, our IT guy and our receptionist, Alyssa. Or at least that is supposed to be the case.

What we found was 3 of our directors, our small group guy, Deering Dyer, deliveries, a crashed server - so no one could work, phones down, what a mess!

We made a quick exit and had a great brunch then headed home. I finally got to sit down and read. My devotions today were taken from Genesis 1: 1-3.

The awesomeness of God struck me. The fact that I cannot understand at all the fact that he always was, and always is and always will be. In my finite mind (a mind he created), I struggle with the concept that God has no beginning...where did He come from? He always can this be? No idea. But I believe it.

He spoke and things were created. Earth, sky, water, from nothingness. The creation I love from nowhere, both the seen and unseen working together, sustaining one another. More than I can wrap my head around!

I have no understanding of no beginning, we are surrounded by dates, by beginnings and ends. By appointments, both missed and attended. God requires faith, faith in what we cannot see or understand. And faith in His decision to choose us to spend eternity in His presence. I am astounded that He would value a relationship with me. This time in the Word changed my day off !

Did any of you get time to study today, share the passage you studied with us!

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Mark Pierce said...

I spent most of my morning focused on the parallel accounts of Jesus and the paralytic in Matthew 9, Mark 2, and Luke 5. How incredible! We don't know how to heal paralysis today, let alone 2,000 years ago. But to the religious leaders this was not the biggest deal. Rather, it was Jesus' assertion that he could forgive sins. In one sense the scribes were right. That is a big deal, seemingly even more impossible than healing paralysis. But Jesus forgives us. Forgive means to cast away, to hurl our sins from us. We don't have to live with guilt or regret because He has removed our sins as far as the east is from the west! What a great God we serve!