Sunday, October 12, 2008

weekend report

Not a parking place in sight! Great news on a weekend we worked hard to put together!

These are all the ingredients in our weekend service preparation:

1.Coffee and snacks must be made for our teams!!
2.clean stage
3.tidy up the stage wings so audience can't see equipment
4.everyone get head sets on! with tech team to go over every technical cue
6.sound check band/vocalists/monitors
7.cameras are white balanced
8.practice for 1/2 hour
9.sound check pastor team goes through pastor's teaching support to make sure they understand details meeting to go over every detail of each element and transition in service
12.sound check announcement guy through with all tech elements
14.critique sound in house
15.instruct greeters to make sure they understand when doors open and close door countdown leaves the stage for green room before service countdown begins
18.doors open at 15 minutes until the service begins
19.playlist begins in house and lobby
20.service countdown runs
21.doors close at pre-determined time
22.service begins service assessment of service with pastor
24. decide if there are any changes made to order of service or technical changes
25. inform anyone changes affect

This weekend went well as far as worship, house sound and most video support. We had some struggles with monitors and a couple missed lighting cues. Luckily we have 3 services to choose between for the web broadcast!

Most importantly, 6 people came to know the Lord, or at least asked for additional information on how to come to the Lord! Our work was well worth while!!

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