Monday, October 27, 2008

my day off begins

My sister, my mom and I are on our annual birthday trek in celebration of my mom's birthday! We have gone many different directions over the years, but this year takes us to Indiana. We began our journey yesterday afternoon after church. And the laughs started immediately. My sister and I tend to talk loudly in very high tones when together. My mom just shakes her head in disbelief and laughs continuously!

We decided to have this trip begin with a visit to Indiana Wesleyan University to see my kids dorms. The kids called several times to follow our progress. Progress impeded by a late start, drive thru dining and rest stops after too much coffee.

Ok, so the main reason to stop at the campus was just to see my kids as well as their spouses. A name we have given their girlfriend and boyfriend unknown to them.

We are getting ready to begin birthday and Christmas shopping with a new Casting Crowns Christmas CD to preview to get us in the mood. We will collect pictures as we go and report back at the end of the day. Stay tuned for my day off Pt. #2!

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Mark Pierce said...

Your children have spouses? Gee, that's news to me. When did they get married? I would have bought them a wedding present? - Mark