Wednesday, October 1, 2008


Our monthly communion service is one of my favorites. A time to reflect on the Lord and all He's done for us, a time to worship Him and a time to pray for our congregation. We invite anyone after the service who wants to pray with staff and the Elders to come to the front of the auditorium. Possibly more of a blessing to those praying for their needs, then it is for the ones being prayed for. Funny how that works.

The communion service is typically more simply programmed than the weekend services, but it still takes a lot of preparation to make it a worshipful setting for our congregation. I walked through the auditorium on Monday where I found one of my faithful volunteers, Chris Love setting up our communion tables.

The next step was for our communion team headed by Roxy Rudrick (pictured) to prepare the bread and the cups of grape juice. This seems like it would be a very simple job to do, but I have tried to separate those little cups myself. It is very time consuming and I am very thankful for Roxy and her team that take care of this for me.

Eileen Kline usually decorates the communion tables but she currently is on our mission team in Thailand and Cambodia. (You can follow Eileen and the rest of the team's progress by going to My good friend Jackie Crawfis stepped in and decorated for me, it looked great!

The final step was for the team to practice the worship package. Tonight we went with just acoustic guitar and violin. It was perfect! Milo and Jessica played "the offering" while we took the communion elements, it was outstanding!

Our congregation never seems closer than during one of our communion services. It was a blessing to be at Crossroads tonight.

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