Wednesday, October 22, 2008


We plan to honor our Veterans on the weekend of November 8 & 9. In an effort to identify who among our congregation are Veterans we created an info card and placed it in the chair back. We will be asking veterans to complete this card and I will finally have a data base group to work from whenever I want to do something patriotic in our services.

The concept of groups is all inclusive. Think about it, everyone in our congregation is part of at least one group.

The church
Ministry Team
Small Bible Study Group
Small Group - fellowship
Womens Group
Mens Group
Youth Group
Singles Group....on and on...

Every time I sit in the service I wonder what other groups could be created? I have a heart to begin an artists group, but just haven't figured this one out yet. For a while we were using art in our Town Square on a regular basis, but artists are hard to recruit and difficult to get commitment from. (Although I have one very faithful participant!) What it seems to take in addition to projects is to create a Small Group in order to keep some teams together. The artists will especially require this. We will have to not only participate in projects together, but a caring non-judgmental connection. This I will add to my to do list! I love artists. The church needs them.

Nothing excites me like connections do. I watch the vocalists, band and tech teammates first know one another in a volunteer work environment, then become friends who care for one another and do life together. It is how the church should function! Amazing!

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