Sunday, October 26, 2008

weekend report

My husband and I were eating out the other day and ran into several Crossroads friends at a restaurant. One of them was Doug Wolfe. Doug is one of our most faithful volunteers at Crossroads, and we walked in on him preparing the reading he helped with at our services this weekend. It was neat to see one our guys getting ready to serve.

It was an uphill climb to get ready this week, but despite the obstacles, God was good and our services truly reflected the full spectrum of Spiritual Maturity.

We began with worship which included 16 baptisms. A public declaration of faith. How awesome! After a very worshipful beginning the praise team cranked it up a notch and it really got exciting! As worship drew to a close everyone greeted one another and enjoyed a great version of "Takin' Care of Business" by the band. There was a real feeling of fellowship as Pastor Tim came to the stage and everyone found their seats.

The message was the final in the One Month To Live series and used several videos and stories about Evel Knievel. So of course we had to finish the day by dressing our announcement guy, Bill Hill as Evel, and invite everyone to come back on Wednesday for our Harvest Party. Last year we hosted around 5,000 people in a 2 1/2 hour time period. The entire staff will be in costume and I believe that Pastor Tim has offered a prize for the best staff costume! (It won't be me, I don't even have a costume yet with 2 days to go).

At the end of a long difficult week I am very grateful that the Lord blessed our efforts and that we were able to be a blessing to all who attended!

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