Sunday, October 5, 2008

didn't sleep at all last night

What a Saturday night! I think MAYBE I got 3 hours of uninterrupted sleep!

First, put 10 college students in a house and immediately it is full of eating, laughter and blankets everywhere!

Second, let my daughter go shopping and come home and spread it all over the dinning room to show everyone each tiny item she purchased. But, definitely wait until 3:00 in the morning to model your new high heeled boots on the wooden kitchen floor right out side your mom's bedroom door!

Third, everyone finally settled into bedrooms about 3:30 a.m., then the dog decides to go hunting! We have a lab that just lays around outside on our deck all day. But every once in a while he decides to run the woods right behind our home, (directly behind my bedroom). So after being awakened twice by his barking, I tried to crawl out of my bed and yell out the window. What I forgot was that I had the ironing board sitting between my bed and the window. I almost knocked the iron right through the glass in the dark! I finally found the locks on the window, opened it and yelled at the dog. He came down from the woods and looked up at me. Back to sleep! A half hour later he was barking right outside my window, so I finally got up and went out on the deck in total darkness and almost fell down because it was so slippery with frost. (We live in the very coldest spot in Ohio!) I whistled and called and happened to look up.

Did anyone see the stars last night? I almost forgot what I came out to do I was so mesmerized!! I swear it looked like I could reach up and touch them. I wonder if God thought I needed to see His stars at 4:30 in the morning? They took my breath away and I praised Him! I remembered my mission and started calling again and finally heard the dog crashing through the woods toward me. I told him to sit and stay!

The final two hours of sleep were uneventful, but I hit the snooze alarm and was a little late for church. I managed to stay awake , participating in worship that was amazing, and I am now on my couch ready for a nap and looking forward to sleep tonight!

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Mark Pierce said...

Lori - The weekend service was incredible today! Thanks so much for the work you put into making this happen. Have I told you lately how much I like working with you? Thanks for the reminder about God's glorious creation! - Mark