Tuesday, October 7, 2008

what I learned today

I got a reminder today that we are a team at Crossroads, not disconnected by departments! Of course I knew this, but do you ever find yourself falling into the "that's not my job" trap at work or some area of your life?

I got a call from church today from our Chief of Staff at Crossroads, Mark Pierce. He wanted to discuss problems he had seen last weekend. Problems that could interfere with our 'guests' experience at Crossroads. He started talking about a group of volunteers that do not fall under my leadership, technically. However, this group directly affects my area of responsibilities and is a 'first touch' ministry.

As we discussed the problems that occurred, the dreaded words came out of my mouth. The words that every supervisor NEVER wants to hear. I said, "now, you know that so and so is over that area not me, right?" What it may have sounded like is, "That's not my job!" Not good! As we talked I explained that the reason I mentioned that was because I really did think he may have thought this team was under me. He understood, thankfully!

As soon as I hung up the phone I emailed him, apologizing and telling him I hoped he didn't think I was refusing to overlap into another area. No one, I repeat NO ONE feels stronger that the whole staff is one big team than I do, but man I still wish I could take back those lame words.

He assured me again, he totally understood.

So how do we all fall into the trap sometimes of thinking as long as we do our job we are fine? I suppose it can sometimes be a pride issue, that job is beneath me, (no excuse and this is NEVER true), or we may be so busy with our own responsibilities that is is difficult to notice the other areas of ministry around us, (no excuse), or we may worry about over stepping into another persons area of responsibility. Although I think we do have to honor the way others supervise and not take over, it still is no excuse because you can always go to that supervisor and have a conversation. We all have ownership, whether it is a secular job or ministry.

What I learned today: Think Before You Speak! Duh!!

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