Thursday, October 9, 2008

my senses awaken

I never thought about this until this morning. I wake up one sense at a time.

A typical order would be that my sense of hearing is first. The dreaded alarm clock. Then my sense of touch, pounding the snooze button on the alarm (did I stress the word pounding?) Then the rest following in random order.

So for me it isn't a sudden fully engaged awakening, but gradual each morning.

Today, God made me aware of this order of awakening, simply (I believe) to help me fully grasp the gift of each day.

It went like this...Sense of Hearing - alarm clock (not good yet) Sense of Touch (snooze alarm - only one hit! new record) Sense of Touch continues - shower

Sense of Taste and Smell - COFFEE (I'm am completely addicted!!) And then as I left my house the final sense, the sense of Sight Magnificent!!!

I stood in awe! "This is the Day that the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it" could I not rejoice!

Then I received another gift as I headed to work, again the Sense of hearing. I have been previewing a CD that Pastor Tim gave me, it's a Passion CD. This was not planned, I don't even know this song, but this is the song that just happened to be on, listen to these words. ...rising sun awakening, the early dawn, they're risen up to give you praise. we have seen the stars and moon, have seen how they shine, they shine for You and you're calling us to do the same... you will never convince me this was all just by chance, no way! God knew I needed a creative beginning to my day in order to bring that creativity to His work at Crossroads. Thankfully my senses were fully engaged, I didn't miss it. He is magnificent, fully magnificent and fills my senses with himself. And yet like the words of the song says, "they're risen up to give YOU praise!" I just get to be on onlooker, a participant in creation giving its praise the almighty God of the universe.


Kym Lamb said...

WOW! Thank you do much for the inspiration...I think one of the things I miss not going to work every morning is God waking the world. Until I leave my four walls, sometimes I forget the world even exists.

Thank you for sharing your blessing!

Unknown said...

Hey Lori, first off thanks for the comment you left on my blog about the piano going bad. We'll thank God that it has been working better ever since then. But second awesome inspiration on just seeing the day differently from the start till the finish. Your inspiration lead me give you this link. check it out. After receiving this word my whole outlook on life has changed.
Thanks again