Friday, October 31, 2008

How did I get here

So I'm sitting in the parking lot of a funeral home in Canton. I discovered they have wireless...

Anyway I have no idea how we got here, I mean in regard to this place in our lives.

As we pulled up I heard the parking attendant call my husband, "Pastor Ron"...oh man, how did we get here? One of the most impacting, memorable times in a person's life - the death of a loved one. How can we possibly be in charge of such an important event? Pastor what does that make me? A Pastor's wife?? Wow... Don't missunderstand, Ron is not officially a pastor at least not in a techincal-degree sense. But his whole life he has been a pastor. He sees deep inside people, he knows what they feel, he cares for them instantly. He loves the Lord.

Ron took a round about way of arriving as our Membership guy, but he was always supposed to be there, he just had a small building project he had to oversee first. God's timing, impeccable, there is no arguing no resisting when you are called.

So that's how we got here. By following God's giftedness, His call. I have to go now, time to go support my husband, a man of God.

1 comment: said...

Ron is every bit a pastor as any of us who has a "technical degree." Our degrees do not make us pastors, the Lord makes us pastors when He calls us. Ron's a pastor...which makes you a pastor's wife. Wow! Never saw that one comin!