Saturday, October 11, 2008

he's back

I just returned from picking up my husband, part of the Crossroads mission trip to Thailand and Cambodia! Yeah!! 17 days gone. The longest I have ever been on my own.

Most people have a time of college, or apartment living before getting married, or some period of time they are on their own. Not me, I went right from living with my parents to married by 20 years old. It is so weird to go from couple to single after 30 years. Those who know how much I love to be with people might think this was a time that I was out every night with girlfriends, or set up tons of fun things to do. I did exactly the opposite.

I had great hopes for many accomplishments, that lasted about 3 days. I covered a chair, transplanted hostas, replaced old bedding, and organized the garage including some new shelves.
This brought a certain satisfaction, some noticeable accomplishments.

My friends were awesome, calling to make sure I was ok out in the country by myself. I wanted to experience alone so I was home all the time I wasn't working. Of course knowing a husband comes home soon isn't the same as always alone. But it was interesting and probably good for us.

Alone makes together better!

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