Sunday, October 5, 2008

weekend report

The weekend once again went well! Praise God!!

Pastor Tim asked us "What would you do differently if you only had one month to live"? I have been thinking about this. What would I change and if it is that important why am I not doing it anyway?

This is my list :
  1. spend more time talking to God: I don't examine my life enough. I think if you don't picture your life as fleeting you don't always confess things as you go. I tend to wait for "prayer time", instead of confessing and asking for forgiveness as God brings wrongs to my attention. I would never let any conviction He brought to mind go unresolved if I thought I only had 30 days left.
  2. stop worrying about tomorrow and fully grasp each moment: I would enjoy each day, the whole journey. Especially with my family. I would realize the future is pointless to worry about, because we are not promised anything but today! And even this day we are not promised anything beyond the current breath we are taking. I would continue to live as wisely as I could preparing for the future, but not focused on the future. I would also create writings for all my friends and family telling them what they mean to me.
  3. write a book: Pastor Tim has been trying to get me to write for years. I don't know...maybe. But I have to be honest, if I had 1 month to live, I would try to write a book.
Since I don't know how much time I have, I pledge to begin practicing the first two immediately. The final one, write a book, I will pray about to make sure this is what God wants. If He does, he will have to give me the words and ideas and I will obediently begin...

It is all any of us can do with our lives , just obediently begin.


Carol Bowie said...

I enjoy what you write. You are such an inspiration to me. Thanks

Carol Bowie Question who is the orginal singer of the last song of the weekend service

Lori Biddle said...

Carol thanks for the nice comment! The last song was by Point of Grace.
Thanks for reading!