Saturday, October 4, 2008

be available

A Crossroads attendee stopped by yesterday and wanted to meet with me unexpectedly. I happened to walk in just as she was about to give up. I was on a dead run to get to our weekly programming meeting which broadcasts live, and didn't have time to talk. I started to explain this to her and saw the look of panic welling up in her eyes.

I invited her to join me for a few minutes in the church lobby. As we sat down she began to tell me that her husband had just asked for a divorce. She completely broke down and begged me for help. The complete hopelessness that I heard in her voice told me this was a divine appointment. And I had almost missed it!

She didn't go into great detail but began through tears to tell me that she knows she needs to be at church more so she could get things right with the Lord. I assured her that she could come to the Lord any time anywhere, but that of course we would love to have her faithfully attending. I also promised that I would help to get her connected with a Godly counselor and a couple in our ministry that specialize in mentoring and helping couples. She told me she had a terrible experience with a secular counselor in the past that suggested the solution to her problems would be to have an open marriage! Can you imagine??

I assured her this was a Christian counseling center that would never recommend such a thing. We contacted her husband and he too agreed to go, so please pray for them!

The world's solutions are pathetic! It seems more and more that secular men have an agenda to destroy all that is sacred. In this case they take advantage of a woman who feels like she has tried everything to make her marriage work and open marriage is what they suggest? I have to wonder how many people have fallen deeply into sin as a result of bad counsel. How sad.

Every once in a while God grants me a glimpse of my unique contribution to ministry and it is seldom about how well I prepared, or how smart I am, it is always about obedience and availability and humility. The unplanned meeting with this sister in Christ didn't need profound answers, or fancy solutions none of which I would be qualified to give her. She desperately needed just a small glimpse of hope, this I was able to provide! God never calls me to do anything I am not capable of doing. What a honor it is to be a chosen child of God and to work with his people!

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Scott Palmer said...

It's funny. I had been contemplating a response to your "Haunting eyes" post since I read it but kept putting it off. Then I read this and my mind went right back to that girl you spoke of. My heart ached so much for that girl (and I mean literally, physically hurt). I've been wondering if she made it back? But more than that, I've wondered about her request. Her request to speak to the Pastor. I'm still taken back by the comment that she was told he was in a service review meeting. And I think about the current series, and I think about your post here about being available. And I wonder, with a month to live and in the light of eternity, is deciding whether or not to cut a song or start the service a couple minutes early really more important that this hurting girl? Please don't misunderstand me. I don't intend to be negative. And I thank God that you were able to be there for each of these women, providing comfort. I just can't help but think that the girl last week was searching for something more. And I ache a little at the reason she was unable to find it. I know it's unrealistic to think one person can meet every need of every person in a congregation the size of Crossroads. But I look at this specific situation and these specific details, and I wonder what matters most, in the light of eternity?