Friday, June 29, 2012

time to go

this child peaking out of his school window reminded me of the evil that binds this culture!
It's nearly impossible to believe that we are leaving Cambodia tonight!

It is time to return to our responsibilities and families.  I am anxious to see them, but am not ready to leave this place.

The Lord and I have continued to wrestle this week.  I feel I've been asked if I am willing to let go of many things for the sake of Christ.

I'm not talking about coming home and selling everything - that does no one any good.  I'm talking about things that are much more difficult to do.  What will I sacrifice for Him?  What will He ask me to give to Him?

And the most haunting question is, why does He have to ask me to submit anything?  IF I love him with my whole heart, soul and mind would He have to ask me to give up things I hold very dear?

 I don't think so..and so the wrestling match continues...

view from my hotel room
I feel the weight of work duties and special events already.  Yesterday I sat in my room and started to catch up on a leadership magazine that I've been wanted to read. The picture shows the view over the top of my magazine...a battle of focused experiences vs learning more about being a good leader.   I shouldn't have read it - it just threw me back into a quiet anxiousness. 

And so I put it away and am once again grabbing every last little bit of the trip that I possibly can.  Pray for us as we return - not only  for safety but to be changed forever!

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