Monday, June 25, 2012

my daughters' Bibles

I sat in Cambodia today at a worship service side by side with my Cambodian daughter, Senghong.

Senghong's Bible
She has a Bible.  It was highlighted, and full of notes and book markers.  It was written in Khmer, her language. 

I also sat today in Cambodia with my daughter Jocelyn.

She has a Bible.  It is highlighted, and full of notes and book markers.  It is written in English, her language.

No woman is more blessed on the face of the earth than I am because both daughters also believe the words in their Bibles.  And both girls personally know and love the King of Kings.

Neither girl knew one another until just a few years ago when Jocelyn first chose Senghong to become her sister by looking at the bios and pictures at Crossroads.  She chose her to become our child to support through Asia's Hope.  And now our girls, bound together for all of eternity by the promises in their Bible are family.  And by God's grace we will be able to stay connected to our Cambodian daughter for the rest of our lives here on earth!
Jocelyn and Senghong working on the Cambodian music project

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