Monday, June 18, 2012

eating together

A universally important way to spend time together is eating together.

We have enjoyed that time of our day perhaps the most!

Not only because the ethnic food is a huge part of any traveling experience, but more than that fellowship at meals is rich - different than just passing conversations.  Meal talk is communication that discusses the day, tomorrow's plans and ends with expressed hope for continued fellowship the in the future, when it's time to eat again.

And so we eat while we are here, with our precious children and the house parents and their own children, and cooks and van drivers who all serve us while we are here as if we are the important ones.

We know we are NOT the important ones.  The important ones are them.  They teach us FAR more then we will ever provide for them.  They give us an unselfish love that we have never felt from any other thing we have invested in - in our entire lives.

Homemade Curry by one of the House Parents!

Surprise meal at one of the orphanages!
Eating together - just a glimpse of the eternal fellowship we will enjoy in heaven someday surrounded by our precious orphan family as we all worship our King!

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