Friday, June 8, 2012

preparing to go

I leave soon for Cambodia.  Me - who claimed missions work was "for other people called to that type of thing" embarrassing ...

It takes preparation to go.

Not just buying little travel things.  Really preparing asking Him - "Why are you sending me?"

I just finished printing pictures of our family for our Cambodian daughter - bought her things for her beautiful long dark hair.  In many ways she is an awful lot like my natural children.  She loves to sing, she is an amazing artist and does very well in school.  My children are similar - but unrelated to Senghong.  We now however ARE family and will spend eternity together.

Preparation has been difficult in the midst of so many projects and distractions...and yet time praying, planning and humbling myself before the Lord is what is required for a trip fully participated in.  I have been examining all that I have, asking the Lord what she needs me to take.  What is there that the Lord has given me, so that I may bless her?  We have too much.  It's almost embarrassing as I walk through our home to see how much God has chosen to bless us with.  Not big fancy expensive things - and yet just more than we need.  And so as the examination and preparation continues I wait to see what next week will bring.  To see our precious Cambodian daughter again is simply amazing, a blessing that I can never deserve.

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