Monday, June 4, 2012

my day off

The day is quickly dwindling away.  But, not in a non-productive way...just going quickly.

Laundry completely done and put away.

Dishes put away.

Everything swept and dusted and now I'm the mule pushing Ron around on scaffolding as he works in our bedroom.

High ceilings seemed like a good idea...maybe not!
After 15 years - painting and updating - so thankful!  We have always had beautiful things, but quite the hodgepodge of antiques and hand-me-downs!  This will be the first time in 33 years that we picked out an entire bedroom set together!  So fun!

Now as we climb down from scaffolding and close paint cans - it's dinner with friends to say goodnight to the day.

I am blessed to spend the day largely in the quiet of cleaning and preparing the bedroom for change.  No difficult conversations, no hassles, no conflict.  I am SO grateful!

Even with household chores it has felt VERY much like a day off!

I hope you enjoy your evening - I plan to!!

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