Wednesday, June 27, 2012

tough goodbye

Goodbye - an acknowledgment of parting

Today was the worst part of our trip by far!

We had to say goodbye to the children of BB3 and BB7 - the children we have all fallen deeply in love with.

As the morning began with a few games, talking and the preparation of our final lunch at BB3, I noticed the absence of the ever present loud laughter that had filled the other days with the kids.  We all knew what was coming...

The prayer circle for safe travels before we said goodbye

Greg trying to say goodbye to his little girls

Final waves

The tears of children who have been separated from mothers and fathers in the past are difficult to see.  Even though we know the details of their backgrounds and what caused them to become orphans, who knows what remaining fears they have.

We did our best to assure them we would all try to be back when we could.  It didn't help.

  As we drove away our sobs eventually quieted down and we were left with quiet conversations about returning in January and how much we would miss our children.

They are our children.  To not see them again for a year is nearly overwhelming, but our relationships will continue grow no matter how often we see them.   We were truly blessed to have this time with them, even though goodbye is so very difficult!

The acknowledgment of parting is saying 'see you later' never goodbye! 

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