Thursday, June 21, 2012

the poor

Who are the poor?

People that have less then us? Are we the measurement against which poor is identified?

Are we to help everyone who has less then we do?  God was not pleased in the story of the good Samaritan, that the hurting man remained  un-helped as several people on a mission to get to 'foreign' lands and more important duties walked right by the man that needed them most.  Finally the good Samaritan stopped and cared for him.

The average home in Battambang

Our foreign endeavors are worthless unless we first help our neighbors, and our own communities.   Although it is extremely easy to come to a country like Cambodia and immediately 'see' who needs help.  I need to first look around me at home.

Several of the guys on our Cambodian team talked about how they secretly search for opportunities to serve those around them back home.  I marveled at their creativity to help others.  With the Lord's help, I will return home with a renewed determination to watch for opportunities to serve others without considering it my responsibility to decide who is poor and who isn't.

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