Wednesday, June 6, 2012

my friends today

I was blessed today by spending time with friends.

I began the day with my friends on the Crossroads Staff hiking at Mohican - devotions on the trail and  time spent considering the spiritual maturity of our brothers and sisters at Crossroads.  We discussed what the most important elements are that move people forward in their walk with Christ.  We learned as a staff ways that we can help in their  process.  Several hours spent with my dear friends, time well spent encouraging us in the things of the Lord.

Back at Crossroads I spent several hours finishing up details with 2 of our college interns, amazed at the amount of creative work they both produced in just a few short weeks.  New friends.

And finally an evening meeting with the Crossroads Creative Arts Team.  Artists - they fascinate me, the way their minds work - the talents God has given them - the urgency they feel in being used of the Lord...friends I love spending time with!

Now home - thankful for a life full of friends...   New friends and old friends.

My God created me with the need for friends, for relationship, for community.  I am very, very thankful for all He has given me.  Today was amazing!

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