Wednesday, June 13, 2012

preparation is done...all except me

I worked extremely hard the past couple of days to be completely packed by last night.  I made it!

I wanted to get details out of the way so that my focus could be razor sharp (as sharp as I can be...ok...just go with me here!)

I find I often go into events, or opportunities in my life 'prepared' physically but not spiritually or mentally.  Today, unless God brings something to my attention I forgot, details are done - my suitcase is already out of my house!  And my prayer is- that produces a focused day/evening in Him.

I have no idea why God has chosen me to experience the honor of serving abroad.  It's something I said I'd never do.  Not out of disobedience, I believed with all my heart that God had called me to the local church alone.  I was wrong.

Each of us are called to serve Him locally as well as wherever He opens doors around the country or elsewhere.  My serving is now fully rounded, although not complete until the day I draw my last breath.  I clearly see how our abundance here in the States demands that we go or send others.  You may think you cannot afford it, but, all it takes is living a balanced budget life everyday (which is what God asks all of us to do), and if He opens the door to go anywhere the means will be there.

I challenge you to clean up your finances whatever that means in your life and live within your means so that you have freedom to follow Him.   I understand unforeseen circumstances can be totally financially devastating, just trust HIm and live obediently He will open doors.  Refuse to live in the bondage that Satan offers - telling you "you need this, buy this, you deserve to have this..." his lies destroy the joy of serving.

Please pray for me, but also for yourself that you may see God's leading in your life, where does He want you to serve?

Step outside your everyday life and ask God to show you where you need to be involved, how He can use you in a unique way that only you were created to fulfill, and celebrate your life in Him.  In Him is where we were created to abide...

Please pray for our team as we go tomorrow, you can follow everything that goes on daily (as long as we have internet) by reading my blog as well as the Missions Blog 

See you all in a couple of weeks!!

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