Friday, June 15, 2012


As I was finishing tasks in preparation to leave for Cambodia this morning, I walked out on our deck - the place of perspective for me - I became aware in a brand new way of the vast space around me. I felt a sense of the enormity of the world around me . I felt small and suddenly the work yet to be done around me was insignificant. I knew the silly tasks I was so worried about finishing were meaningless in eternities' presence, in comparison to proclaiming God to the forgotten.

I am amazed over and over as God grabs my mind and soul and I get tiny glimpses of Him untainted by my agenda. He brings something to my mind that later in the day is more fully revealed. This just happened again while I was reading.

I saw this in one of John Piper's books: history looks like what it really is—a brief prelude to the everlasting, all-glorious kingdom of Christ.

Sitting on an airplane as i write, flying over huge buildings and stadiums that seem so important when I'm down on the ground and yet are mere specs from above - I feel like I'm seeing a small version of God's view . Our world's history is so small, so brief, so temporary and yet I live as if it's all that matters.

I want to be so stunned by my personal relationship with Almighty, Everlasting, Creator God that I cannot keep quiet. So stunned that He died for me that I must proclaim Him to the forgotten of the world and just as important, my neighbors...and so in love with Him that I Live only for eternity, with no regard for my surroundings. Wherever I am - it matters little except that I do anything to which He calls me.

May He forgive my selfish mindset as I reach toward Him and away from me.

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