Tuesday, July 3, 2012

looking back

Looking back over the past week in Cambodia one of the greatest benefits that come from a trip like this is getting to know other people from Crossroads.

In thinking through my new/some old friends I realized I had associated specific qualities or talents with each one.

Darlene:  Steady- dependable (even in tough times solid an amazing leader)
Greg R:  Goliath in stature/tender in heart (size is deceiving, one of the most tender hearts I know)
Greg C:  Papa Greg - nurturing (although friends for yrs, usually I am admiring all the things Greg an fix, build and create.  This week I got to watch him just plain love the children)
Angie M:  Encourager - (even when she herself faced disappointment or illness)
Sonya: Caregiver  (you could guess Sonya was a nurse even if you didn't know it, cared for all)
Peggy:  Trouper  (despite her own moments of discomfort, Peggy pushed through never complaining)
Darryl:  Generous (every time I turned around Daryll was giving someone their favorite candy or something that someone needed)
Scott:  Deep Biblical knowledge  (great teacher)
Debbie B:  Passionate about teens (dedicated to young people growing spiritually)
Debbie R:  Positive - supportive  (a quiet support to all)
Steve :  Master photographer/videographer (rarely saw Steve's eyes)
Deb R:  Inquisitive  (always anxious to understand every detail)
Jocelyn : Forever student  (never satisfied with what she knows - her hubby is the same way)
Aaron :  Honest  (very transparent on the trip)
Kay: Willing  (arranged all of the travel details and always willing to help in anyway she can)
Eileen:  Creative  (never stops teaching the children how to do something; knitting, sewing..)
Mark: Resourceful  (solved many IT problems for the staff of Asia's Hope)
Tim:  Helpful  (quietly helpful - never had to ask him to help)
Kathy: Happy  (constantly cheerful)
Linda: Cheerleader (continuous cheering and pointing us all toward joy)

It took everyone's personality and talents and dedication to the 'mission' to make this trip successful.

I came away deeply in love with the country of Cambodia, the children of Cambodia and my brothers and sisters from Crossroads!  I was so blessed to be with each of them!

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