Wednesday, June 20, 2012

entrances to a foreign land

entrance:  A means or point by which to enter.

I entered many times today.  I discovered doorway after gorgeous doorway.  I walked the ruins of Angkor Wat today.  I was fascinated by all the doorways that gave entrance into the next area of the temples and courtyards.

Over and over I walked through entrances.  Each time I walked in,  there would be yet another entrance to explore. And so I walked deeper and deeper into the ruins.

As I discovered shrines with incense burning and many gifts that had been left for these cement forms,  I became overwhelmed with a sense of just how dark this area of the world is.  These once fabulous temples had been constructed by a people that had a God-implanted need to worship their creator.  Instead, deceived, they turned to mere rock and carvings to worship-  a ridiculous substitution.

  As I walked, my hands in a semi-raised position I begged God for their deliverance from this complete deception that holds them bondage.  Even today we witnessed people kneeling and offering confession and a stone.  It completely broke my heart.

The time, and money and blood-sweat-and-tears that went into these magnificent structures seemed such a waste of years if people's lives spent in horrible labor and all the resources that must have been spent as we saw many places of the temples that lay in total destruction.  

I wondered who had walked through all these entrances before me long ago?  I wondered if everyone who lived and passed through here all those years ago had been lost for all of eternity, if any knew Yahweh?

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