Tuesday, June 26, 2012

the things we saw today

child monks...doubly sad

typical Cambodian house

The care given to statues and idols is such a waste!

This is a cave that reportedly 10,000 innocent Cambodians were thrown into

Angie making necklaces with the girls

A breathtaking view

We gave home made blankets to our newest orphans

We went to one of the killing fields today.  Devastating to see how depraved a society can become.

Home made blankets from elderly ladies in the US sent for orphans.

Some of our men went into villages and talked to people who were old enough to remember the horror of the former regime.  They gave money to local pastors for orphans and widows.

Breathtaking views of a nearly destroyed society below.

Crafts with our beautiful girls!

Completely false religions giving no hope for a lost people - stone statues....empty

Please pray.

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