Monday, March 16, 2009

my day off

I feel so blessed. Blessed in so many ways!

I just got off the phone with Rick Muchow's travel agent, Jim. You may know that Rick Muchow is the Saddleback Church's Worship Pastor in California. We were deeply blessed by Rick's first visit back in November of last year.

Now, that is just plain ridiculous - so obviously a God thing that we would get the privilege to host Rick twice!! Rick's next visit to Crossroads is scheduled for May 16 & 17!! It is the understatement of the year to say that I am crazy excited to have him back!!

His teaching affected our Magnification Teams deeply the first time he visited us and I cannot wait to serve with him again in May. God is so, so good!

I then had a completely unexpected conversation with a pastor in San Diego via. email. I would love to cultivate a relationship between Crossroads and his ministry as well. Total surprise that I'll elaborate on at a later time.

You know, God never intended for churches across America to do life alone, separately. It's not a competition! We need to help one another and encourage one another. I think the churches of America are going to come together in more ways than we have ever before witnessed. I believe with all my heart that Crossroads is going to begin to have more and more chances to connect with other ministries as well as amazing world changing mission opportunities! We truly are a blessed congregation and there is no where I would rather be!

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