Friday, March 20, 2009

Easter is coming

Time to get ready for Easter! I am very excited about the coming weeks, we are working diligently to prepare everything. Drama rehearsals have begun, the artists are hard at work preparing an Easter project and Dan and Milo are preparing the music packages.

My kitchen currently contains many pieces, shapes and styles of tile for my project. A good friend at Crossroads was kind enough to give me old or left over tile to use! Thanks to the Frankhouses!

Right now it's a mess, hopefully by the end of the night I am hoping it will take shape. I am very anxious to see the artists work in the next couple of weeks. This will be our first project since forming the Artists Small Group, a great, great group of very talented people!

This Easter art collaboration project is a great example of how many disconnected, individual pieces of work all come together to create a masterpiece. Much like what takes place when Christ followers come together to serve and grow closer to one another and closer to their God. I am so inspired by artists and musicians and actors and photographers and writers and anyone who loves to proclaim their love for the Lord in creative ways! Ok, so ...back to my project!

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