Wednesday, March 18, 2009

another day is over

So...evaluation time as the day comes to an end. Would I change stuff, sure. Would I change everything, no. What I would change are the wasted words I spoke today. Unnecessary words, some critical, some sarcastic and some just a waste of precious time. Everything we do, and everything we say comes together to form a picture of us. A picture of our life.

Today in Kay Warrens book "Dangerous Surrender" I read the following, "The Polaroid picture of what God was doing in my life was still mostly gray and blurry...I had an inkling that I was on an adventurous journey that would include growing in intimacy with God."

What a cool way to describe our lives, like a developing Polaroid picture! What I feel the most like recently is the part of the process when you take the picture and shake it, waving it around in the air to aid in the development. (I've always wondered if that really helped speed up the process.) Shake, shake, shake what will I look like in the end? Good question.

I still haven't gone back and read all the pages I wrote when I woke up the other night. Maybe I'll do that tomorrow, should be interesting. Maybe some of the things I poured out to God could be the topics He wants me to write extensively about? Maybe He doesn't want me to write, I'm fine with either. I just really want to know what is next? Don't we all?

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