Saturday, March 7, 2009

preparing well

What is the most important thing I can do to prepare for the weekend? Take time to prepare myself well.

Focused time in prayer and in God's Word are what it takes for each leader to come ready for the weekend services. This applies of course to everyone across the board. Although upfront leadership is under much more scrutiny, behind the scene positions support everything else that goes on in the ministry and are just as vitally important. Preparation determines how well we communicate with volunteers, what our reactions are to uncomfortable situations and how focused to detail we can be.

I think our preparation is important to our Lord. I have experienced His blessing on services that we all prepared well for, and I have experienced chaos when my personal preparation was less than it should be. I cannot bare the thought that my lack of preparation could be responsible for many problems that could be avoided. So pray for us as we go into this weekend, a new weekend of opportunity. A weekend that we have been chosen to lead.

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