Thursday, March 12, 2009

artists rule!

There were more new faces at tonight's Artist Small Group meeting. I have no idea where God is going with this, but, it is getting more and more exciting!

Tonight a generous artist brought a true piece of art - a Shamrock Cake! It rocked!

But, mostly we talked about projects we as artists could do to help support our mission projects at Crossroads. Very cool conversations!

I am not sure I have ever loved my church as much as I love it now... after 12 years I have never seen more opportunities to create, never found more people anxious to connect and never had more exciting conversations then I have recently had with people very much in love with the Lord.

Maybe the economy helps point people back to the Lord, not sure, it just seems people are more open then ever. I am ssooooo thankful to be right where I am at Crossroads - surrounded by artists!

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