Thursday, March 5, 2009

princess birthday

The princess' birthday has officially begun! This will be a 4 day celebration of our princess' 19th birthday. The festivities began at Easton Town Center in Columbus, one of Jocelyn's favorite places.

We spent some time doing just a little shopping, mostly we just looked, but, we had fun!

Jocelyn's choice for dinner, the Ocean Club! We enjoyed a fabulous dinner of salmon, trout, short ribs and Red Snapper!

And of course we couldn't leave without a Starbucks for the road. Jocelyn and I decided a WalMart stop was necessary when we got back to Mansfield, much to the dismay of our male counterparts. Finally we got everyone home and then it was haircut time!

Jocelyn worked quickly trimming Aaron's hair to perfection before we could all go to bed! It looked great... a beautician is born!

We had a great night of eating, talking and laughing together!

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