Friday, March 6, 2009

new concept: friday at home

Simple things are best. I finally have an at home Friday evening. And simple is what I need!

It hit 55 degrees here in Mansfield today, so we rolled out the new grill for a test run! 20 shish-ka-bobs later and it's beginning to taste a lot like summer! The end to this hideously cold winter is in site and I am very thankful.

When we realized we were going to be home we invited all the grandparents last minute and they changed plans to come! Ok, so maybe they came because our daughter was home from college, but regardless the reason, we had a great time!

Our parents, my kids grandparents, are such a major part of our lives. We are what we are in part at least to our parents influence and care. They have loved and nurtured and participated fully in the raising of our kids and our kids adore their grandparents! We had a great night and we look forward to the culmination of the birthday weekend in Ashland on Sunday!

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