Wednesday, March 11, 2009

programming: chaos to completion

You can see from the pictures that this is a "throw it all on the table", fun environment in which we create! No one is uptight here. We are family in this place and this is one more area of the ministry where we just do life together. Perhaps demonstrated best by Dan our Worship Leader who somehow ended up with the baby as we all raced to play our CDs in the boom box first! (I know what you're thinking - real high tech - but it works for us!)

This team is creative, driven, organized, VERY competitive and really, really good at discovering songs we would never otherwise find for our services! They come prepared and fight for the songs they feel best support the thematic teachings of each series. It's a blast, enthusiastic and so creative! I couldn't even begin to put together the elements of all our services without their help.

Once again, like a broken record I say, when you release God's people in their passionate, gifted areas, really great things happen. He planned it this way!

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