Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I like to create

I was challenged by a fellow ministry blogger to answer the following questions, so I'll give it my best shot!

What ignites that flame inside you to create? Honestly, it can be anything. Some of my friends laugh at me as we talk and I start say "we should do this, or we should try this ..." So although it sounds terribly simple - any new idea, any problem that needs to be solved, any creative challenge that needs to be tackled gets me going!

What sparks that passion inside you? This is easy to answer, the thought that something I help to create might be the element that finally makes it click for a non-believer is all the spark I need to get me all fired up! I say almost weekly to someone nearby - I still can't believe I get to do this every week!

How do you channel your creativity into a finished product? I brainstorm when given an assignment or when I decide to create something new, and then I move into the creation process quickly. I set a time line, contact the other people I need to pull off the creative assignment, I stay involved in the project especially in the early stages. I feel it is very important to make sure early on that things are on course so people don't spend time going the wrong direction.

What do you do when you struggle to create? I pray a lot! I create a new team, quickly! When I discover that I am short handed, or don't have the right group of creative talent that I need, I create a new small group/team. It's much easier than it sounds.

I never hesitate to ask for help, but honestly we have so many creative people in our ministry I usually can find someone that can help me get over the hurdle pretty quickly. My senior pastor and my husband are both very creative and can usually make suggestions that get me moving again. My biggest problem is waiting longer than I should to ask for help!

How do you celebrate your wins? I celebrate with everyone that helps in the process. I write tons of thank you cards weekly expressing my thanks and telling any stories that I hear from people whose lives have been changed due in part to their work.

Do you enjoy your creative process? Love it, even when it is difficult.

How do you share your creative elements with others? On our church website, YouTube, GodTube, facebook, and my blog.

It is with awe week after week that I come to God thanking Him for the privilege of creating!


mandy said...

Lori: This was great to read. Your enthusiasm pours out through your words! I wish I was as enthusiastic as you seem to always be. I'm sure there are rough moments - we all have them. but wow. You're on fire when it comes to creating! I like how you immediately jump on your idea. I need to do more of that. Keeps the idea from slipping away.
Thanks for sharing!

Cee said...

Lori thanks for visiting me. I enjoyed reading your post as well and only jsut now had a minute to let you know.

Happy creating and I hope that your sparks of creativity will spark a light for someone new this week.