Sunday, March 8, 2009

birthday princess

The final celebration of the birthday weekend took place at Grandma Forbes' house today. We took Jocelyn's other grandmother with us too so all of us could be together!

Jocelyn loved each and every gift and went back to college with more than she came home with for sure!

Daughter's are a blessing I cannot even begin to describe. I honestly never thought God would bless Ron and I with a girl. I had been best friends and played sports with guys my whole life, I thought I wanted all boys. In fact I was honestly worried about how I could possibly raise a girl. I just really believed I would be a better parent to boys. God knew who He had for us, the daughter He wanted to bless us with, and Jocelyn can only be described as a blessing. It was a great birthday weekend, it is nearly impossible to believe that it has been 19 years. Life goes fast, I cherish each moment God gives us with our kids!

"Every little girl is a princess" a quote from one of our favorite movies, and it is so true - we tried to give her a birthday befitting a princess...she is our princess! Happy Birthday Joci!!

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