Saturday, March 28, 2009

Moses lead grumblers

I have missed writing these past two days, but, I had such long busy days, days filled with amazing things as well as many ministry details to take care of, that if I had written it would not have even made sense I was so tired!

After a little rest, I am anxious to get back to it!

A close friend of mine and I were talking Thursday about our church backgrounds. She shared some very hurtful things that had happened in their church when she was young. I assured her she wasn't alone and that we shouldn't be surprised because the church is just made up of imperfect people. People that come from all different backgrounds with all different expectations and all different needs.

People complaining about things shouldn't discourage us, we can never let it take our focus off of why we were called to our ministries. Grumbling also shouldn't surprise us, after all Moses lead the ultimate grumblers, an example that maybe God added to the Bible to show people are never happy!

Ok, so picture this, the children of Israel finally begin lead from captivity, they grumbled, pillars of fire lead them, they grumbled, God fed them from heaven, they grumbled about the choice of food, God parted the Red Sea just for them and killed their enemy with it, and still they grumbled!

Here is a line I loved from one of Beth Moore's books, " Moses had all of forty years on the far side of the desert followed by a flock of aggravating people". The poor guy! I can't think of much worse than trying to lead a huge group of grumblers through hot sand.

All this to say, even when God performed the most amazing miracles, used men to do incredible things that only He could allow, people grumbled. So what does this have to do with us? When all every single one of us deserves is punishment for our thought lives, our bitterness, our lies and all of our many sins...

God allowed his own son to be murdered by sinful men just like you and me, buried and then He reached down from heaven and raised him up for us, for me, for you, and still we grumble...

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