Wednesday, March 25, 2009

don't cheat on God

Those were words from one of my best buddies, Deering Dyer. Deering is our Small Groups Director. God is using Deering in amazing ways at Crossroads. One of the reasons why he is being used I believe is because Deering doesn't feel worthy. What he may not realize is when we feel the most vulnerable, the most out of our element, God steps in big time! This is when we are most usable by God.

Deering taught us tonight on Hosea 9. Tough chapter, tough subject. But God was there and Deering was willing. When Deering explained that Hosea gives us the perfect example of what Christ does for us, it clicked for me big time.

Just as time and time again Hosea had to retrieve his wife Gomer out of a life of sin, so God forgives us over and over. Hosea forgave his sinful wife and provided everything for her, yet she continued to go right back to sin again and again!

Deering challenged us not to 'Cheat on God' by given Him less than our best. I never thought of it that way, but it is so true - God loved us so much He gave us his son, and instead we choose our own sinful desires, again and again. We too are just like Gomer.

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