Saturday, March 14, 2009

without steve

We are without our Technical Coordinator, Steve Browning, for two weekends. That is a big loss!

While he is off frolicking in Israel, doing things like video taping baptisms in the Jordan River, walking where Jesus walked, we are left behind to try and maintain the technical excellence to which our audience has become accustomed. Steve is pictured here shooting video of the boundary between Lebanon and Israel.

Our volunteers rock, and all care deeply about the quality of each service. It is important to them that everyone can hear the teaching and praise music, and that each shot can be clearly seen on our video screens later to be uploaded on the web, and our lighting team works hard so the cameras can focus on each element of the service and so the mood can be felt by our audience.

These are team members that I have come to love and highly value. So, to Steve we say enjoy your long overdue vacation and we will do our best without you! But, don't be gone too long!

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