Monday, October 1, 2012

my weekend

I have no idea why people bad-mouth Ohio?  It is completely beautiful!  I could hardly keep from taking pictures from morning to night!

I had such a great weekend - here is how we spent it!  (you may have to click on some of the pictures to make them large enough to see) - enjoy!

Love that people can experience these rides and are outside instead of sitting at home!

Kind rangers assisting me in my exploration of Malabar's woods - in search of a video site for xmas 

I love it when the reflection is more magnificent than the real images

Main house at Malabar Farm

My favorite...clouds

Breathtaking Ohio beauty!

Communion at Crossroads

Crossroads worshipping - it was very participatory and engaging this weekend!

panoramic view of worship

Our future looks bright with the God given talents of our youth!

100+ pound pumpkin carving at Prairie Peddler

panoramic view of Prairie Peddler center area

Peakin' over the fence early Saturday morning when we arrived at Prairie Peddler to park attendees

View from the car - a beautiful weekend indeed!

This was a shot of where most of the people at Prairie Peddler were gathered to eat and enjoy music - click to hear and watch.

Our old jeep - took it for a spin!

I am thankful for where I live, for what God's given me, for a hubby that will take me to explore what is around us and for a God who has chosen that I be here, for this time and I pray my work, and life reflect my gratefulness to Him !

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